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Innovative Ideas

Techno Graphix provides an external source for creative ideas. You can stay with your existing Creative agency but still enjoy all the benefits offered by a freelance agency that provides unique services on a case-by-case basis. All design teams run dry on ideas after a time, this is similar to ‘writers block’, a situation experienced […]

Editing and Proofing

It is truly amazing how many times you will see grammatical or spelling errors in everyday matters. Mistakes can be costly and can also create a bad impression of your company, particularly when they are present in high profile locations such as in company reports, on vehicle decals and so on. For a relatively small […]

Awesome Features

Most design agencies tend to stick to well defined boundaries when they develop marketing material. The Techno Graphix creative team like to stretch the envelope and explore concepts that are way outside the box. If you are looking for ideas that will really attract attention, then maybe it’s time to give us a shot, let’s see […]

Flexible Design

Every concept that Techno Graphix produces is intended to function cross platform, and when we say cross platform we do not mean simply with different types of cell phone or computers, but across all media forms. This then includes the newer Social Media varietals as well as the older more traditional platforms of print, radio and television. […]